Hello! And welcome!

My name is Tammy followed by an unpronounceable last name. No middle name. I really wish I had one. Maybe one day I will legally add it. I’ve played with a few. The one that lasted longest is Hila (both vowels are short in case you’re sitting there trying to pronounce that).

I am an engineer by training who has been questioning her engineering training since my second year at undergrad.

Almost two years ago I started this blog in hopes of overcoming silly daily fears. It then became a blog to help me track some goals. Then nine months ago I fell into a depression and my whole world imploded. After isolating my depressed self from the world for too long, I burst out of the closet (the depression closet…I really do think this phrase is useful for many things), quit my job, and moved home to take a much needed break (did you know I hadn’t taken more than a few weeks off since my freshman year of college?!).

I spent six month (almost exactly) in search of my next step. I took some summer classes at a local university, checked out some online courses, got a dog, tried my hand at tutoring again, and finally got a job offer. I was scared to take it because it sounded so much like the job I left but decided I could use the stability as I continue my search.

This blog is about my journey and the things I’ve discovered in the process. I hope you enjoy!

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