Beautiful Words, Pt. 6

I’ve never been a big fan of mantras.

Part of it, I think, is that I’m just not a super positive person. I tend towards pessimism and cynicism for sure.

But the truth is, because of this tendency, mantras just felt like lies.

Repeating a positive phrase over and over again just felt like I was trying to convince myself of something that I knew to be false.

Kristin Neff mentions this same feeling in her book, Self-Compassion.

It really got me thinking about mantras.

Kristin writes about a self-compassion mantra that basically walks you through the “steps” of self-compassion, if you will: awareness, humanity, and kindness.

I actually really like her mantra, and I come back to it in darker times.

But I also really through about what I want to say to myself. And the truth is, a mantra doesn’t have to be a painfully positive phrase. It just needs to be a reminder, in my opinion, of what’s important to you.

So all throughout this week, I developed my own set of mantras.

I strive to accept and love myself exactly as I am.

I choose to surrender to the universe and be open to whatever comes my way.

I hope to trust myself while recognizing the harmful beliefs that have been holding me back.

I aim to move forward with more awareness and intentionality.

And that is. Those are my mantras. These are the things I want and often need reminding of because they are not necessarily my automatic settings.

What are your mantras?



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