Beautiful Words, Pt 5

I was super cool on Friday night.

I stayed home and went through papers I’ve been moving with me from state to state, home to home, since I left for college almost ten years ago. While I am a self-proclaimed non-hoarder, I will admit that some of my mom’s tendencies rubbed off on me. I’m never sure how long I’m supposed to keep things for. I’m working on keeping as little as possible.

The cool thing about saving things, though, is coming upon them later. Like a bunch of papers I wrote a decade ago for my junior year English class. It was amazing reading through these papers, especially considering how few formal essays I’ve written since my high school graduation. My favorite find, and not only because it had my best grade, was a stalker paper I had to write. I feel like that’s such a terrible name for an assignment, but for those of you who didn’t have such a thing assigned, a stalker paper, at least in this case, is a paper based entirely on someone you people-watched.

When I reread this paper, I immediately want to send it to my therapist as I’m sure it provides a treasure trove of information about me. So, without further ado, a paper I wrote just over a decade ago.

P.S. I purposely didn’t retype this because I think I would have been to tempted to make changes!





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