Beautiful Words, Pt. 2

I read two books this past week. Don’t worry. They were both short. Don’t freak out!

Book 2: Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin by Anne Katherine

Book 3: Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker

These books, though valuable and informative, did not have the same intense impact as Here I Am. And so, I do not feel a need to share all my favorite quotes with you. Their quotes, though lovely, do not live up to the words of Book 1. Nor should they. They serve a different purpose.

Instead, this week, I choose to leave you with one important, mostly encompassing point from each. These are still powerful words, with plenty of impact!

Book 2: “A relationship will move in the direction of increased closeness if the participants make each other known and make themselves open to knowing each other.”

Book 3: “There’s nothing that we need to do today to be valid. We were enough today, we will be enough tomorrow, and we will be enough always.” – technically by Sam Dylan Finch but in the books all the same.


This week I went back to old music I haven’t listened to in a while, specifically two Israeli rock bands that I absolutely loved through my teenage years. Since you know I love words, you can probably guess that my love of a song depends heavily on its lyrics. As I listened to the following songs, I absolutely needed to hear these words:

Beit Habubot (בית הבובות) – Doll House
Shir Be’Iparon (שיר בעיפרון) – A Song Written in Pencil

In life, everything passes
From mistakes, you’ll learn and improve,
What your inner voice says, that is your truth.

Boten Matok Bakirkas (בוטן מתוק בקרקס) – Sweet Peanut at the Circus
Lamut (למות) – To Die

Tell me, is it normal to not be normal?



I went to the Women’s March in Portland yesterday. I walked about one mile in an immense amazing crowd of women that even had a couple of Trump supporters in the midst of it, believe it or not. I realized, in that march, that the last time I had been so moved and elated by posters was when I ran a marathon a few years back. I thought about how that time, I ran 26.2 miles to prove something to myself. And here I was walking one mile to show something to the world.

Happy musings, dear readers!


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