For the Love of Books

For those of you that have known me or have been following me for a while, you know that in 2015 I challenged myself to read a book a week for 13 months. I ended up reading 60 books in just over a year.

The reason behind this seemingly crazy challenge is that before college I absolutely loved reading. I did during college too, but the only time I had to read was during breaks. Usually during my time off I would devour two books a week.

My first vacation after grad school was spent reading 3 books over a long weekend at my sister’s. It was then that I realized that I can’t excuse my lack of reading any more.

School was done. I had plenty of time after work. So where was that time going? And why didn’t I read more?

Suffice it to say, this challenge did the trick. While I don’t think I read quite as many books in 2016, I still read a lot more regularly than I had been in 2014.

This year, I’d really like to find a way to incorporate these books into the blog more. I can’t say every book I read is mind-shatteringly beautiful, but I’d like to share with you, readers, those that are.



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