2017 Self-Imposed Challenge

I am super excited to announce my self-imposed challenge for 2017!!!

As some of you may know, I have a penchant for creating seemingly silly but ultimately important challenges for myself.

In 2013 I decided to run a marathon with very little running experience (and basically no off-the-treadmill running experience whatsoever).

In 2015 I decided to read at least a book a week for 13 months.

I call these challenges silly because they are. There is no great big horrible thing that will happen if I don’t do them. But they are important because they inevitably teach me important lessons.

My running challenge taught me that I was physically and mentally capable of anything I put my mind to. Even things that younger me would have never considered remotely within the realm of things I could or wanted to do. Going from nothing to running a whole marathon in 10 months makes it a lot harder to say “I don’t think I can do that” later on in life. Because I promise you that even a couple of months before I challenged myself, I thought there’s no way I could run a marathon. But I did.

My reading challenge taught me that I get to prioritize what I do with my time. This might seem trite to you, but I’d argue a lot of people don’t take this kind of responsibility over their lives. Up until college, I always loved reading. I took a book with me pretty much everywhere. Even in college, when I was on break, I usually read copiously. This changed drastically when I started working. Suddenly reading just fell off my radar. Then during my Thanksgiving break in 2014 I caught myself devouring books in a way I hadn’t done in a long time. It reminded me how much I loved reading and how much I needed to stop saying “I just don’t have time for reading any more.” This challenge allowed me to prioritize reading in a way I hadn’t let myself as an adult. And I’m glad to say it has really stuck. I may not read a book a week any more (though I still might, I haven’t been tracking), but I still read a lot, and I learned that if reading is important to me then I have to make time for it.

So this year I’m doing a cooking challenge.

I’ve always loved cooking.

Even if my deepest of dieting days I loved cooking.

But it’s way way more fun now that I allow myself to use as much butter as I want.

So I’m challenging myself to try a new recipe every week. And I’m going to try very hard to shy away from the quick, 30-minute meal recipes. I’d really like to hone my skills in the kitchen. To spend time learning about new cuisines. And to just generally up the number of things I feel comfortable cooking with no recipe on hand. Odds are I’ll do most of the new recipe cooking on the weekend to really allow myself to embrace the slow cooking methodology. Maybe I’ll even reinstate the weekly family dinner we used to do in Michigan back in the day. That would be fun!

Keep an eye out for updates. And if you have any recipes you absolutely love, send them my way!


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