Fearless Friday: I Went to a Psychic

And not just a one-time thing. Though that’s what some of my friends reading this were maybe led to believe. Cause they were with me the first time I went.

Let’s just make one thing clear off the bat, I believe in a lot of woo-woo shit (and I call it shit lovingly, in case you were concerned).

My oldest sister has used tarot cards for as long as I can remember. My mom has been doing readings of other sorts since before that. I’m pretty sure it was her mom that started the whole thing, but I might have made that up. I’m also pretty sure I’m slightly psychic or (for those of you that are gonna be assholes about this) extremely intuitive.

What can I say? I’m weird! I don’t believe in God but I do believe in energies and chakras and the universe. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism, just like religions I suppose, but I can’t see anyway in which it harms me, and I’m not trying to push it on  you so deal! Plus you can always just stop reading here if you want. I promise to be back to my normal-seeming self some other time.

Anyway, back to my psychic. So I went to see this psychic half-jokingly but mostly seriously. I had just been through a break up. The last time I had gone through a break up (with the same guy I might add), it was really bad. Six months later my sister did a reading for me from Israel and made some suggestions. But we both acknowledged how weird a long distance reading is. And I always thought she might be biased since we’re related and all.

ANYWAY. Gah. I just love getting off track! I’ve always been curious about seeing a non-biased, not-related-to-me psychic. After that second break up I knew I really didn’t want to go through the same cycle again – especially considering it was the same guy. Too many similarities. Too eerie. So I did some research. I found a psychic felt right to me (see what I did there, intuition stuff). And I recruited my two awesome friends to come with me because I was a scared-y cat.

I went all out and asked for the full read: tarot, crystal, and aura.

To be honest, I loved my psychic from the moment I met her. She just felt like she could seriously ground me. Also she read me right right off the bat (probably not too hard since I came to her visibly upset right around Valentine’s Day). Still, she knew right away I was repeating something from the past and was worried I would get stuck. She explained to me how her mom was a psychic and her mom’s mom and how she feels it is a gift that travels in her family (she had an awesome daughter who also does readings). She also always acknowledged the things she missed. Like when I went to her and told her I was going to quit and move home she admitted she hadn’t seen it coming. I respect her for that.

The thing with psychics is they can’t predict the future. They can’t tell you where you’ll be in a year or five or ten. Psychics are just people that are more in tune with energies be it from people or from something more mysterious (wooooooo).


Anyway, I saw my psychic from Valentine’s Day until I left Michigan about three months later. I saw her once a week. I called her my life coach because she really was. She’s the one that brought my attention to the fact that I don’t necessarily want what other people strive for. She released an inner turmoil that had been going on for a while. And I’ve continued releasing it since.

We tried to keep working together after I moved. She had some clients that this worked for. But for me, it just wasn’t working. Like I said, the moment I saw her I felt her ground me. But it was never like that over the phone. Every once in a while when something really good happens I really want to call her and tell her. Because that’s the impact she had on me. We became really close really quickly.

So why am I telling you about my psychic?

Last week, I mentioned that I was doing something new this week and it was hokey, and I was scared to share it with you guys.

Well, it has to do with all this energy, nonphysical/supernatural stuff. This week I started doing something called energy editing. The most well-known form of energy editing is called EFT/Tapping. I’ve been doing a different form called Limiting Belief Release.

The idea is that we all have beliefs (most of which we are not aware of or we accept as facts) that add a lot of anxiety to our lives. What these techniques do is they force our systems to process these beliefs. When I first heard about this, it felt hokey, but it also really aligned with a lot of my experiences. And since releasing beliefs takes very little time, I figured there would be no harm in trying it.

I’ve been releasing limiting beliefs for a week as of today and I honestly think it’s made such a huge difference just in this small time. What I described to you last week is still true. I basically tried to force myself to be negative today (just trying to think thoughts that would have spiraled me down in the past) and it just didn’t stick. I know a lot of you might think this is crazy and that’s fine. But if this piques your interest even a little bit, I urge you to do some research and give it a try.

I’m purposely not giving you sources here because I reached my sources by means of the main issues I’m facing (body image mainly), and I don’t want you to think energy editing is limited to that. Honestly, along with body image, I’ve actually done a little energy editing on perfectionism and control freak tendencies. As far as I can tell energy editing can be used to relieve beliefs around anything that brings you anxiety (career, money, success, performance, etc.). So go forth, use the internet, find stuff, try things! And have an awesome weekend everyone!


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