My Life Lately

So I relaunched!

Anti-climactic, right? Don’t worry, there will be more changes to come if I can get my shit together. But for now, I just like the new layout. I think it’s much cleaner.

Happy June every one!

This is just a quick post to catch you (and me) up about my life lately. I’m planning on writing more detailed posts for most of this stuff. So stay tuned.

As of Sunday it’s been a year since I crossed half the country and moved back to Oregon. It amazes me how quickly this year went by. And while I’m still not where I imagined I’d be, a lot has been going my way lately due both to my hard work and the universe I guess.

Ironically, as the year marker passed by, I was actually out of the state on a ten day vacation to New Orleans. This is both the longest trip I’ve taken in some time and my first time in New Orleans (and Louisiana! Another state off my list). It was a super fun trip and I can’t wait to share lots of photos with everyone this week.

Before I left I found myself seriously battling with negative thoughts. They were so bad I could recognize I was being ridiculous and decided it was time to deal with negative thinking head on. I read about a couple of approaches and chose this “mantra” as my go-to tool. I was able to carry this technique throughout the trip and have used it several times today alone.

I completed both 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene and her 30 Day Yoga Camp. I think I might do the yoga camp again to get back into it after doing very little yoga last week. She ends each of her programs with kind of a free day where you lead your own flow. I still feel awkward with it, but I actually managed to keep moving for 30 minutes for my second one so there is hope yet!

I just signed myself up for a drawing class this summer. My counselor recommended I just bite the bullet and start doing more creative things again. I’m also planning on taking dance classes. But I plan a lot…

Oh! And Milo turned one yesterday! He’s still happily getting along with his new family. After a bad first weekend (health wise) he bounced back, got adjusted to going to work every day, and even learned to run with a human!

Well that’s all I got! Or all I can remember at the moment.



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