The truth is, I binged yesterday.

Now, keep in mind, this binge looked very different than a binge did even a month ago. I wasn’t so much fantasizing about a food and not allowing myself to had it. I just had something I really enjoy and decided not to stop eating it.

So maybe I just overate? What’s the difference?

It seems according to the handful of sources that I quickly scanned, that binge eating is marked by a pattern of behavior: occurring at least once a week for three months, occurring a couple of times a week for at least six months. In addition, binging is marked by a lack of control as well as serious distress (depression, disgust, and/or guilt) once the binge is over.

Well, whether or not my behavior yesterday was part of a pattern can probably be argued. What I think is more important, is that my behavior wasn’t followed by any emotional distress. Sure, I was bloated and extremely uncomfortable, but emotionally I was ok with my decision. I never felt out of control. I just enjoyed myself. I made sure to savor every bite. And that was that.

So I guess I didn’t binge yesterday. I just ate too much for lunch. And weirdly (not weirdly) my body’s response was not to be hungry for the rest of the day. And then this morning, I woke up and had a normal breakfast.

So yeah. Overeating. Not binge-eating. I’m gonna try not to make a habit of either. But just thought I’d share!

Toodle loo!



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