Fearless Friday 1.5

I wear Spanx!

There! It’s out there. I’ve said it!

No, I don’t wear Spanx every day. I wear them about twice a year when I have some fancier event to attend like a wedding. Before the wedding I went to in Pittsburgh, I tried on a bunch of the dresses I still have at my parents’ house (because I made a commitment not to buy a new dress for it). I had brought a pair of Spanx with me and my mom asked me why I needed them. -_-

So I tried on all the dresses WITHOUT my Spanx. Which for the most part wasn’t a big deal. I tend to look best in A-Line dresses anyway and I feel no need to wear Spanx in those. But the dress I thought I was going to wear (the one I actually ended up wearing) is more of a body-hugging style. And I know me.

To help me decide, my mom took pictures of me in all the dresses I tried. I’m truly a great model, but my mom’s photographic eye just cannot be matched. I mean she caught such awkward and natural moments. At least Milo was looking at the camera for one!

The dress I had had in mind (because it had long sleeves and this is a February wedding in Pittsburgh) made me look like a forest green sausage (if you find a sausage this color, I don’t think you should eat it, it’s unnatural…or super natural depending on what’s in it). Basically I felt like crap.

For the most part, I’ve been feeling pretty awesome about my lovely body. I haven’t been abusing it, tearing it apart, comparing it to itself, comparing it to others. But when you put on a dress and you look like a sausage instead of a sexy woman, it’s hard to get in the body love mindset. So I was bummed. I ate dinner and every bite I thought to myself “the sausage casing is getting tighter” (to be fair, I thought this in more of a comedy relief tone than a self-deprecating tone. Also I didn’t stop eating or starve myself for three days, so that’s a body love win).

After dinner, since my dad was home, we agreed I should try a couple of the dresses on again. I started with the long-sleeve sausage casing piece. But this time I put Spanx, heels, and a necklace on with it. Suffice it to say I didn’t try on any other dresses. I mean check out how hot I look!


So why the Spanx? They’re not for anyone else, I promise. They’re for me. When I’m out at my friend’s wedding, I don’t want to be worrying about my pooch. I know no one else is, so why should I?! To me Spanx are just another accessory. Like heels, they make me hold my body a different way. A way that I think exudes more confidence and self-respect. I mean just look at the picture below. Look how happy and excited I am and clearly not at all self-conscious about how I looked in that dress (but man was I pulling it off). Maybe I was just happy cause this super stud asked if I’d take a picture with him. Isn’t he dreamy?! But who knows, if I wasn’t feeling so confident I might have said no!


So yeah, I wear Spanx. I don’t do it because I’m trying to hide my body! I don’t do it to fool boo (in fact I’m not sure he even knew I was wearing Spanx until this moment) or anyone else. I do it so I can enjoy myself a little more and be self-conscious a little less. I’m the winner here! And, as far as I can tell, there are no losers.

Til next time!


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