Monthly Reflection: February

Things that happened this month:

We went on the first hike of 2016. Milo succeeded in hiking off leash without getting lost or dying. Although he almost jumped off a cliff several times.

The Superbowl. Turns out that I talk about teams’ jersies not because I’m a girl, but because I’m a foreigner. As everyone in the room (except for my dad, boo, and myself) kept refering to the teams as the blue ones and the orange ones. The half time show was also an interesting experiment. I was glad to see Bruno Mars back though. I still think he’s a great performer.

My first Valentine’s Day in a relationship. It was exactly like yesterday. We like food and movies.

We flew to Pittsburgh for a wedding last week. It was great to see everyone. And Pittsburgh, oddly, decided to be nice and have 70 degree weather the whole weekend. I finally hit up the Carnegie Art Museum and the Andy Warhol Museum.

Also!!!! I finally finished my first book of the year (what the F people, how did it take me this long?!).

I then quickly finished a second book, because when it rains in pours.

So yeah, that’s pretty good for a short month. Happy Leap Year Day 🙂




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