Continuing the Search

Sorry about the short sabbatical guys, I decided to take a break from the internet. It’s been a while (I’m honestly not sure how long) since I’ve logged on to Facebook. I didn’t check my Instagram for four whole days. I guess that just kind of translated to the blog as well.

The truth is, sharing is always a struggle. I find myself wanting to be authentic, but also wanting to stay positive. My life is far from perfect, but I try to focus on the good, and therefore that’s what I share on my Instagram, because don’t nobody wanna hear a bitch complain three times a day, every day, for eternity. But here, in this forum, I can be authentic and real and share my struggles with you. I mean that was the point always. To share the struggle and then tell you guys how I’m working on resolving it. I do this to keep me accountable and to hopefully inspire others who are reading this, and maybe face the same struggle, to not just accept the hand they are dealt.

It’s Wednesday. Wednesday is work related post day. Yay Wednesday!

The truth is, I started seeing a Career Counselor last week (I feel like I’m in college). This is actually something that I’ve wanted to do every since I quit my job last spring and moved west. I wanted guidance in finding a job. I felt lost. I had a set of skills and a specific job that I was qualified for, but was pretty sure that wasn’t the job for me.

I’m still there. As I suspected, my resume and history got me a very specific job. My last day at my previous job was May 8th. I took a break and started seriously applying to jobs three months later, just after my birthday. I applied to jobs I was clearly qualified for, jobs I was super passionate about, and jobs that plain old sounded fun. I tutored to make some extra money in the mean time. I applied to A LOT of jobs. I got a handful of interviews. All of them were for design or quality engineering jobs. I got one job offer. I took it. I’m a design engineer again. I work in the automotive industry again. I’m exactly where I feared I would be.

So, in hopes of not making the same mistake twice, I decided not to sit still. Live Your Legend, while helpful, reminded me of a lot of stuff I did last spring in search of a new vocation. The problem is, none of it led me anywhere. So when the partner of an employee of my dad’s told me about her career counselor at the New Year’s party that my dad throws for his direct reports every year, I got excited. And a month later, after some pushing and prodding, my dad got her contact information for me.

So far, we just met for a free informational interview. But I liked her. She was genuine. She herself went through much the same crisis as me. And she addressed one of my biggest concerns: that although I may have used many of these tools before (I have), her fresh perspective and professional experience in career counseling would be what makes the difference.

I have my next appointment with her today. As my first task I had to list all the jobs I’ve held, any volunteering and extra curricular activities I’ve done, and then state what I’ve liked and disliked about each. It was an interesting exercise. I recommend you do it yourself. It can’t hurt, and this goes beyond stuff that might appear on your resume. I’m really hopeful for this. But I’m also scared. What if she doesn’t bring me the clarity I’ve been yearning for?! I guess I won’t know til I find out!

Til next time



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