Can you guys believe the first month of 2016 has already over?! Can you believe how many times you’ve already heard that today?!

Well, I’m proud to say I’m not disappointed with the way my January went. Though I’ll be honest that my annual goals aren’t all off to a strong start, I’m still proud with what I’ve accomplished so far.

With the exception of two exchanges, my capsul wardrobe is going strong. It is much much harder than I anticipated, but I’ve learned a lot of lessons for my  spring wardrobe. Namely, I am a casual person. Unfortunately, because of my perceptions of what I’d want to wear to work, my closet (mainly my tops) are only about 10% casual. So this is something I’ll have to reconsider in March when I plan my April through June capsule.

My reading has also been in the dumps. The thing is I can personally tell how negatively this is affecting me. Mostly because I know most of the time I would be reading I spent watching trash TV this month. This is something to balance. I think my main struggle is because my goal for this was so undefined so I’m working on refining it.

Family history has also been a no. But I’m glad to say that I have been spending quality time with them, now I just need to make sure some of it is actually productive!

Fitness has been great! Though my eating could be better, because my body is not loving what I do to it on the weekends. Specifically this weekend.

Anyway, I named this post February so let’s focus on that! Here are my goals for this month:

  • meditate for at least five minutes every day
  • read one personal development book, one “fun” book, and one book recommended by the boy (even though he has yet to read a single book I give him. I hope he’s reading this…read my books!)
  • Try at least two new things (this is a total cheat cause I already signed up for a Habitat build and a salsa class WHATTTT)

I think that’s enough for this month. For now anyway. I’m excited for where things are going. I’ll still have my annual goals going on as well.

I hope you are all keeping your resolutions going. And that by now you have changed them into goals. One of the women I work with spoke of focusing on intentions rather than goals, so that’s something to consider as well. You have to find what works for you!

Til next time!


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