I’m not gonna lie, with everything going on in my life, keeping this blog up has fallen to the bottom of a sometimes anxiety-inducing long list. But I want to keep it going. So as I adjust, the number of times I post and my topics will adjust as well. I will find a balance, so keep checking back! For now I just want to update you on a few things.

1. I’ve moved!

IRL, not my website as so often happens in the blogging world. I’m finally in the city of Portland, a city of have dreamed of living in for quite a few years now. I’m still putting some stuff up in my room. Our (my roommate’s and my) living room is still totally barren. But once we get our act together, I will probably post some pictures.

Unlike many people, I absolutely love moving! I love the feeling of a fresh start. I love decorating – picking out/adjusting furniture and decorations. It also helps a lot that now I’m about a ten minute drive to work instead of a 30-minutes-to-over-an-hour-drive-to-work-depending-on-when-I-leave.

2. I’ve adjusted some goals!

So my original goals were as follows:

  • collect my family history
  • run at least a mile a day (outside unless there is a crazy ass storm)
  • minimize
  • work my way through sone must read books

Here are my adjustments:

  • collect family history
  • average a mile a day for 2016 (ie run 365 miles this year)
  • minimize
  • work my way through some must read books

Not big adjustments. The only one that looks different is my running goal. I want to explain how and why I made the adjustments. When I make a goal there are usually behind the scenes reasons for it. My initial very specific running goal had a background that I wanted to make sure I was outside for at least ten minutes every day. In addition to that, I know that I feel infinitely better about myself when I exercise regularly. So I combined these two into one goal. So what’s the adjustment? Firstly, now that I’ve moved (see above) into an apartment with a dog, I walk him AT LEAST three times a day because I can no longer just let him loose in the back yard. That means that I automatically get a solid amount of time outdoors rain or shine because that dog needs to go regardless of the weather. So first half of the goal covered. Secondly, in running every day, I managed to develop shin splints (worsened by my wearing of a pair of very cute heeled black ankle booties). So, since my main goal was exercise, I’m back to lifting and strength training while I give running a short break.

3. I’ve already made adjustments to my capsule wardrobe

I think this technically breaks some rules, but I’m not one to take discomfort for a lesson. As my favorite minimalist blogger once pointed out, I take every failure as an opportunity to learn something. Wearing that cute pair of heels regularly gives me shin splints? OK, I’ll trade them for a pair of flats for now. I’m still TRADING, not adding. That gray dress I picked is not actually useful for my current lifestyle? Trade it out for a dress that I would gladly wear more often.

The biggest adjustment to the way I dress this year actually comes in my professional life. I’m allowed to wear jeans at my current job, something I wasn’t able to do previously. This made me feel that I could create one capsule wardrobe that encompasses both my work and out-of-work wear. While this is true, I find myself wearing pretty nice tops to work and often wanting to wear much more casually outside of work. For the moment, I’m not making any adjustments for this, but when I create my spring wardrobe I will take this into consideration.

That’s all folks!

Thanks for checking in 🙂


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