25 Habits to Break by 25

I feel like I’m totally phoning this one in, but when I read Jillian Lorraine’s post earlier this week, I really wanted to follow suit. So I’m doing my first list you guys!

25. Eating in bed

I still do this every once in a while. Honestly, when boy and I started dating he told me he was eating sushi in bed after work one day, and that pretty much sealed the deal. I knew it must be fate!

still doing it: 1          maturity levels rising: 0

24. Too much takeout

I rarely do this, but I’ve rarely done it for a few years. I LOVE cooking. And I’m pretty freakin good at it. Also, being health conscious, it is nice to really know what goes into your food and have more control.

still doing it: 1          maturity levels rising: 1

23. Chasing after unworthy dating prospects

I’m not sure I ever really did this. I’ve always been kind of picky. But I’m sure this is up for interpretation. My friends may have other opinions on my past. But I’m happy to say this one is no longer going on!

still doing it: 1          maturity levels rising: 2

22. Overusing your debit/credit card

I use my credit card for pretty much everything and very rarely have cash on me. But here’s why: I get cash back from my credit card. And I never spend more money than I have in the bank. EVER. My first position in Delta Delta Delta was as treasurer and one of the first things I did was a presentation on the horrors of credit cards. I stopped using a credit card for the rest of my college career. But then I realized the danger is when people use a credit card to spen money they don’t have which I have never done. So I don’t know how to count this one.

still doing it: 2          maturity levels rising: 2

21. Staying up late to watch TV/Netflix

Only if I don’t have work the next day. So…that’s an improvement over college! I’m calling it a win!

still doing it: 2          maturity levels rising: 3

20. Leaving your tab open at the bar

I don’t really go to bars much any more. And when I do I rarely have more than one drink. So that bitch is usually closed.

still doing it: 2          maturity levels rising: 4

19. Feeling bad every time a new Facebook friend gets engaged/married or has a baby

I don’t feel bad. I’m mostly in awe. But some of my closest friends have gotten engaged/married (and my first friend baby happened a little over a month agooooo), and I’m just so happy for them that this just doesn’t happen. Also I’ve made an effort to not spend endless amounts of time on Facebook. I recommend it if you find yourself suffering from FOMO. Just live your lives dudes!

still doing it: 2          maturity levels rising: 5

18. Failing to floss


still doing it: 3          maturity levels rising: 5

17. 24-hour hangovers

Well considering the small number of hangovers I’ve ever had, this is kind of an unfair one – as in it’s an automatic win. I think much better would be drinking to the point of barfing which I’m pretty sure I haven’t done since New Years. So hells yea!

still doing it: 3          maturity levels rising: 6

16. Drinking too much at work

This one is just one that I kind of refuse to partake in. I’ll usually have a single drink if any.

still doing it: 3          maturity levels rising: 7

15. Too many conversations via text

I’m gonna count this one for me. Those of you that know me know that I pretty much refused to talk on the phone. It was either texting or skyping. But I’m glad to say that I’ve seen the light. A couple weeks ago I started calling boy instead of texting him cause I was just in a mood and kept reading all his texts horribly negatively. Phone calls are a godsend. That is all.

still doing it: 3          maturity levels rising: 8

14. Sleeping until noon on weekends

Not even as hard as I try can I sleep in til noon…

still doing it: 3          maturity levels rising: 9

13. Gossiping at work

Yeah…I work with mostly men who are not big on gossiping and I’m not big with gossiping with them to be fair. Also there’s like no one to gossip about.

still doing it: 3          maturity levels rising: 10

12. Getting too comfortable at work

I’m gonna count this one against me. I have a tendency to kinda do what I want without caring too much how it looks to my coworkers and management. That being said, I get my work done and I do it well.

still doing it: 4          maturity levels rising: 10

11. Letting your trash bin pile up

I’m living with my parents right now. So I can’t really speak to this. Also I’m living with my parents right now. So I feel like that goes against maturing in and of itself.

still doing it: 5          maturity levels rising: 10

10. Revealing too much online

I have a blog. I try to keep it focused on me and not really talk about other people (unless they are somehow involved). Idk. I feel like it does reveal a lot. But I’ve also cut back on other social media.

still doing it: 6          maturity levels rising: 10

9. Leaving a passive aggressive note for roommates

Not being passive aggressive is something I’ve improved on and definitely continue to work on. But it is an improvement!

still doing it: 6          maturity levels rising: 11

8. Stealing (or borrowing without permission) other people’s stuff

No. I always ask. Even if it’s awkward and they say no.

still doing it: 6          maturity levels rising: 12

7. Chasing after trains for your morning commutes

This has never been an issue. Not because I don’t take trains (sometimes I’ve maxed it) but because I am kind of a stickler on timeliness.

still doing it: 6          maturity levels rising: 13

6. Being worked by strangers on the street

I still don’t really know how to respond. But they never work me. I usually say no and apologize that I can’t help while continuing to walk. I don’t wanna like flat out ignore them cause that seems cruel.

still doing it: 6          maturity levels rising: 14

5. Facebook stalking old flames

This is kind of one of my favorite passtimes. It’s a weird nostalgia thing. Maybe it’s because I mostly stalk like guys I had crushes on in high school and junior high.

still doing it: 7          maturity levels rising: 14

4. Grocery shopping while hungry

I don’t do this. Also I always make a list so yeah…

still doing it: 7          maturity levels rising: 15

3. Being too nervous to ask for help

I’m glad to say I have seen an improvement on this. It helps that I just like totally dumped my life and needed lots of help to rebuild it. It also help that I just started working in a new company in a totally new field for me. I ask questions all the time.

still doing it: 7          maturity levels rising: 16

2. Leaving your umbrella at home before work

Umbrellas have never made any sense to me.

still doing it: 7          maturity levels rising: 17

1. Forgetting to say thank you

I’m actually very good at thanking people. But I’m not great at the thank you note thing. As one of my mentors pointed out to me this summer, paper is becoming more meaningful with the advent of technology. So this is certainly something I should work to improve on.

still doing it: 8          maturity levels rising: 17

Ok so firstly, I totally did not phone this in. I feel like this took me longer to write than a regular post.

Secondly, I feel like I’m totes a mature adult! Or at least a mature 25 year old. Or at least a 25 year old at a 25 year old’s average maturity level.



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