Everything in Moderation

I’m not really sure what to make of my Sunday blog posts1. My first one was about food prep, but to be honest there’s not a whole lot of variety in that, and I don’t really want to write the same thing every week2.

I thought maybe I could update you, oh great readers, about my personal fitness and health instead. That way Wednesdays will be something more related to my professional life, Friday will be a very focused free-for-all3, and Sundays, or Mondays, will be more related to my life outside of the office4.

So as the title implied ages ago, today I’d like to talk about the concept of everything in moderation, specifically when it relates to my favorite thing of all time ever to infinity and beyond5 food6.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this month I was initially planning on completing a Whole30 this month. Then a trip to Boston excitedly fell into my lap, and I realized that idea was no longer in the cards but figured I’d eat strictly Whole30 until my travels on Christmas giving me 26 days which really isn’t all the far off. Now to sidetrack7, since I went off to college and became entirely responsible for my own nutrition, I’ve kind of lived in two extremes when it comes to consumption of food: pig or Nazi9. And, shockingly, throughout this portion of my life, I realized that both extremes totally don’t work. For me. Actually I would argue that they don’t really work for anyone. But hey, maybe you really don’t give any fucks or you’re really awesomely motivated, in which case, you don’t have to read this. But you’re welcome to still read it, if you’re curious what us normal folk might go through. You see, when I’m a pig, I know I’m putting my body through hell mostly because my body, in return and totally fairly, puts me through hell back. When I’m militant10, I usually end up really really really missing those foods I pig out on and eventually quite grossly binge on all of them until my body takes me to hell once more.

OK so back to Whole30. My idea in pursuing Paleo was to further implement something that I’ve noticed works quite well for me: eat less carbs and replace those calories with fat. See I’ve noticed over all my nutritional experiments that when I eat more carbs I totally balloon, but when I reduce them11, I feel better12. So, having read lots about Paleo, and having realized that one of their main shticks kinda follows this same path, I figured giving it a try won’t be all that bad. And I agree with that. I think Paleo is great and awesome and stuff, and I’ve honestly been eating Paleo-ish meals once or twice a day for the last few years of my life. The thing with Whole30 is that it makes me feel like I’m back on that super strict extreme of my diet, which psychologically triggers a need in me to sprint to the other extreme and binge on all the stuff in the world. So that has had me considering calling it quits on this pursuit. I’ve struggled with this for two reason. Firstly, I’ve heard and read that Whole30 can really be a truly transformative experience. Secondly, I want to make sure that I’m not just taking the easy route up and giving up on something because it’s hard.

But here’s the reality of all of this. These goals are personal goals I set myself, no one else is looking to make sure I stick to them. I set these goals in order to improve on or add value to my life. The trigger to binge is a much higher cost than the potential nutritional benefit of being strictly Whole30 or adhering to Paleo 100%. So I’m going to once again call this a fail. Or once again call it a great lesson learned. I’ve been playing with the idea of going Paleo for a really really long time and now that I’ve tried it, I can honestly say it’s not for me. At least not at this point in my life. Because the thing that works great for me is everything in moderation13. I know some people that can’t do this. There are some people out there that as soon as they put one piece of chocolate in their mouths they go to the store and empty the shelves of all chocolaty goodness. If that is you, acknowledge that, and don’t do this. Or at least don’t do it with chocolate. Unless you feel that the inevitable hell that will follow is totally worth the delicious experience. Then do what you will. It’s your life! The thing with nutrition is you have to do what’s best for you. I just like sharing in case this gives you some ideas!



  1. That never seem to actually happen on Sunday by the way…
  2. Also, for the last couple of weeks at least, food prep has been kind of hectic and stressful. And I always imagine I’ll take all these beautiful pics but a) it never happens and b) even all the great apps out there can’t turn me into a professional photographer.
  3. If only weekly reflection didn’t sound so calming I would totally redub Friday posts to Friday-Focused-Free-for-Alls.
  4. aka my personal life, but I don’t want you guys to think I’ll be getting into the nitty gritty of my like personal relationships because that just seems like it would open a very large and very unfair can of worms not matter how many names I change.
  5. Do you guys think Disney Pixar/Buzz Lightyear have some kind of copyright or something on this saying and that I just potentially put myself in danger of some legal battle?
  6. Followed closely by my personal relationships, of course.
  7. But this is important enough to be included in the post and not as a footnote8.
  8. Is a footnote about footnote within a footnote like footnoteception or something?
  9. Ok so I was feeling uncomfortable about using this term and was like, “maybe I’ll use militant,” but it just doesn’t portray the extremeness. So I’m sorry. I don’t mean to make light of the horrible things that happened in the Holocaust by using the term Nazi but it’s just a very handy word.
  10. This way, you know, I only tabooed once.
  11. But never ever completely get rid of them, or else pig-girl comes back.
  12. And I look better, if I’m being honest, which also makes me feel better, because there is some vanity in all this, I’ll admit.
  13. The unhealthier something is, by the way, the better quality of it that I seek out. A great example is mac and cheese. When I’m really really craving some mac and cheese, I don’t get Kraft or something to microwave, I go and get the super rich and creamy made from scratch stuff and really really savor it. If I can get it in a smaller portion, I’ll do that too, as a portion control.

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