A Look Back and a Plan Forward

I’ve missed a couple of posts guys! At first, when I didn’t post on Sunday I told myself it was because I was planning an end of the month reflection post for Monday. But now it’s Tuesday and, in case you’ve misssed it, there’s no end of the month reflection.

The truth of the matter is it’s been kind of hectic here. Ozzie (whom I will be renaming, explanation to come) got back from the kennel on Saturday and was all sorts of backwards. We’ve been up two to three times a night since he got back cause he needs to poop every two to three hours now. Suffice it to say, two melatonin and all, my sleep has been suffering. When my sleep suffers so does my judgement.

But alas, I took the day off to see what’s been causing the dog’s gastrointestinal trouble and recollect myself. I figured it would be more professional than falling asleep in front of a GD&T instructor with 25 of my coworkers in the room. This has also given me the time to write to you guys about the previous and upcoming months.

A Look Back on November

November brought a lot of change with it this year. It was my first full month of employment since April. It was the month that I fully embraced my dog’s deafness. It was the month I restarted this blog. It was the month I found an apartment with my awesome new roommate. It was the month I brought the first (and hopefully last) boy home ever. The last week I’ve looked back at this month and wondered how I’ve stayed sane though it all and realized I haven’t! But insanity is a great part of life, don’t you think?!

Some of the concrete steps I’ve taken in November can be seen in my posts from this month. But a few more updates and recommendations to you my dear readers.

I took some time out of my daily life to unsubscribe from alllllllll those spam e-mails (update: I just unsubscribed from 28 more using unroll! I’ll let you all know if it was the best or worst thing ever!) I’ve been getting and automatically deleting for the last three years. Some of them are persistent little buggers and I’ve had to unsubscribe several times. I highly recommend it guys. It’s really not very much time out of your life and totally worth it to not be bombarded non-stop.

I found a great doggie daycare that Ozzie loves and they seem to love him right back. He’ll be going a couple of days a week in our transition to and once we settle into the apartment.

I also went through my closet and very honestly emptied it out. This is in preparation for a challenge I will be taking on in 2016. But just know, I took three bags of clothes out of that thing (and this is after I cut down a lot of it moving to Portland back in May). Clothes that I loved but hadn’t worn in years. I also took all my summer clothes out and put them in boxes under my bed. I am now happy to open my closet and decide what to wear every day. Especially since I decided to start buying some quality pieces that will last me more than one year. I bought two beautiful pairs of real leather boots for this winter and hopefully many more winters to come!

A Plan for December

In December I will still have a lot on my plate. I will be moving to said new apartment and making the necessary adjustments to living in an apartment with a dog. I’ve bought most of my furniture but decided that in memory of the headboard I built last year, I will be building a whole bed this year! It doesn’t seem much harder. I’m excited to see the looks on my parents’ faces though. It shall be grey again. I’m excited!

Also in December I am taking on Paleo for the month. I was going to do the Whole30 but recently decided to fly to Boston for the holidays to meet boy’s family so maybe I’ll do the Whole30 early in 2016 instead. Still, I will be eating strictly paleo until my travels and am looking forward to seeing how my tummy responds!

I also still need to read a handful of books to achieve my 2015 goal of 56 books in 56 weeks! That shouldn’t be too hard though. I’ve stacked my shelf with lots of light and easy reads. And my upcoming flights and downtime with Boz in the new apartment will provide plenty of opportunity. I’ll dig into the trenches again next year with some deeper more thought provoking books!

So that’s it. A few monthly achievements and a few monthly goals for December. Nothing too hectic as my regular life will be hectic enough as it is!


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