Book 9: My First Almost Miss

For this week I read a lovely memoir called Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson.


I must say I really enjoyed this book. It was not my favorite, but her voice was wonderful and it got me through some really tough times: my failure at snowboarding and my boyfriend and I deciding to split up. The snowboarding failure was in need of more comforting, which is why it came first.

I actually started this book to recover from said snowboarding fails. Let me explain. Once a year my friends and I go to Boyne to ski and snowboard. Two years ago when we started doing this, I decided to try my hand at snowboarding because when I was ten and tried skiing I hated it (thanks, parents, for forcing me into something and leading me to hate it so I decide to take up something much more painful and potenitally dangerous). Anyway, so that Saturday was my fifth day ever snowboarding because we never actually went outside of this annual weekend, and I was TERRIBLE. I kept catching my toe edge. Like I would be perfectly still, having made it to the bottom of the mountain in one piece, and then I’d face plant. I had one terrible fall (this one in motion while trying to get down the mountain) that actually had me concerned that I had done some serious damage (always wear a helmet kids!). So after a few hours of failing, I decided to go back to the room to nap and read the book that I wasn’t sure I should bring because I should be social and stuff right?! I am so happy I brought it. It really cheered me up. I love that Jenny has a raw voice that she refuses to hide or edit out. It’s a funny voice too. Basically, like all the female comedic memoirs I’ve read, this really lifted me up which turned out to be just what I needed when the break up came along…

I highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of mood gender and any other characterizations I can’t think of. And now, on to my next book. I finally got Yes Please from the library. WIN!


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