New Year New Goals

Happy New Year dear readers!

Today I linked this blog to my Facebook and sent it to some close friends and family – so welcome new readers!

If you want to look into the questionable birth of this blog check out the Start Here button above, but otherwise this is kind of a fresh start.

Much like that post, this will consist of a list of goals I intend to accomplish in 2016. Like the Start Here post I will edit it as I accomplish the goals to add links and dates to my accomplishments. Since this is a whole year, I might also add goals as the year progresses, but I will never remove goals!

Goals for 2015:


  • I am doing the 30 day burpee challenge in January
  • I am doing the 30 day glute challenge in February
  • I am doing the 30 day core challenge in March
  • I am doing the 30 day arm challenge in April
  • I am running 5 races including 1 marathon
  • I am swimming and cycling to start preparing for some level of Iron Man
  • I am running one long distance relay race
  • I am doing a backflip by January 1 of 2016
  • I am doing a handstand push up by January 1 of 2016


  • I am hanging up photos in my apartment
  • I am making and hanging a shallow book shelf
  • I am finishing the remaining 6 states of string art
  • I am finishing my paint by numbers project (started in January of 2014…)
  • I will accomplish 2 projects of varying difficulty and time consumption every month of 2015


  • I am reading 56 books by January 1 of 2016
  • I am taking a wine appreciation class
  • I am going to 12 concerts by January 1 of 2016
  • Once a month I will do one of the following activities: ceramics painting, painting with a twist, cake decorating class, and cooking class (or other equivalents, ideas welcome!)


  • I am going to Philly for a weekend
  • I am going to Boston for a weekend
  • I am going to the Upper Peninsula for at least one weekend
  • I am going to Connecticut for a weekend (wedding!)
  • I am going to Hawai’i for a week (wedding!)
  • I am going camping three times in 2015
  • I will do an outdoor activity twice a month ranging from snowboarding, sledding, and cross country skiing in the winter to hiking and kayaking in the summer

A whole year of goals is much more daunting than one summer was. Hopefully these are somewhat achievable but also pushing me outside my comfort zone. As I mentioned, goals will be added as the year continues but never removed.

Thanks for reading! Check in for regular updates and weekly book reviews!


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