Book 8: More Like a Poetry Anthology

For my 8th book I picked up another YA work, The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan.


This book was a really interesting take on a story about a romantic relationship. It was a super quick read that was super enjoyable. The one thing I couldn’t quite figure out this entire book was if it was the same narrarator the whole time. Some poems or definitions were clearly related. But I read a few and really felt that the second member of the partnership must be writing them.

The other thing that was unclear was who was in the relationship. Was it a traditional heterosexual relationship? Two men? Two women? This is an essential part of this book. Firstly, it allows any reader to insert myself into the story. Secondly, I find it demonstrates that love can happen between any two people, regardless of gender, race, age, and other factors.

As an aside, I wanted to talk about something else. Last week a friend asked me if I’d read any good books recently, and I realized I hadn’t told her about this goal yet. When I told her, she was floored and asked how I found time to read. I told her I made time. This is the thing guys and gals: you have to make time to do what is important to you. Before that you have to figure out what is important to you. For me, this year, I want to spend time reading, working out, with friends, and outdoors. That doesn’t mean I won’t feel like doing other things at times, but I hope the majority of my year is spent doing these four things.


Book 7 and the First Time I Gave Up on a Book

So initially, book 7 was scheduled to be The Accidental by Ali Smith. I was really looking forward to this book, from the description it sounded exactly like a book I would love forever and ever. But I couldn’t even get through the first chapter. It just wasn’t happening. I don’t know if at another time in my life, I’ll find the book a breeze. But after three nights I decided it was time to move on. And thus book number seven became The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan.


Although I finished this book well in advance of my Monday evening publish date, I couldn’t really bring myself to write about it. And am still struggling with it. You see, one of my best friends knew Marina well. Well enough to be mentioned in the acknowledgements. I remember the day he told me about her accident, and how upset he seemed, and how I felt I could do nothing about it. We were on opposite sides of the country and I don’t handle emotion well. So this is going to be a short post. When I finished the book, my friend asked me to tell him which essay was my favorite. It wasn’t a question I even had to ponder, I knew as soon as I finished reading “Why We Care about Whales” that that was it. He told me his changes all the time. You see he carries the book with him wherever he goes. The night I asked him he said his favorite was “Challenger Deep.”

So pick the book up, it’s an incredible testament to what we can all do if we put our minds to it, and find your favorite!

Book 6: The Best Thus Far

So I’m a tenth of the way to my goal of  books in  weeks (little victories!) (also I have a feelig this will increase the sense that time is just flying by…oh well). Being only a tenth of the way there, it seems kind of wasteful to say this is the best one yet, I mean, it’s one of six. Odds were high. But I feel pretty confident in adding this will likely remain in the top 5 even after 50 more books. And be one of the more impactful books I read this year.


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (yes same author as book 4) was one of the most hauntingly beautiful books I’ve ever read. I have so many thoughts on it that I’m just goin to give each one a paragraph and succumb to the fact that this entry will make very little sense.

Firstly, I’m always scared to give high praise to anything, not because I’m worried people will disagree with my opinion, but because I know that raising people’s expectations is a dangerous thing. Go too far, and nothing could live up to what someone expects. Has this happened to you? Someone tells you so many times (or so many people tell you once) that a movie, or show, or book is amazing that by the time you get to seeing or reading it it falls totally flat? If so, stop reading this and go read this book. I’ve already said too much!

This is the first book, prose, novel that I have read that has made me really appreciate someone’s writing style. I, like most of you, discussed style in high school non-stop, but I never fully saw its impact until this novel. It conveys in style every feeling the character is going through and that the reader then feels. I think it makes the whole story that much more impactful.

To be honest, I was really angry, or upset, or frustrated for most of this book. When I had to put it down, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. As soon as I picked it up again, I was still upset, but I felt the calm of being back in its world. I can only imagine this is what taking a hit off something one is addicted to feels like. But I was feeling all these negative feelings because there was so much in the book that was unresolved. I was feeling these things because the narrator was feeling them.

Even if you didn’t like book 4, go read this book. They are nothing at all like each other in my opinion. If I had gone in not knowing authors, I never would have guessed that these books had the same one. So yeah, read it, love it, hate it, share your thoughts!